August & Families

So much to see and do for families – active or not

  • Discounts – for children at our chalet hotels
  • A vibrant high season atmosphere and landscapes that will captivate the kids

  • August is a fantastic month to visit the Dolomites. The weather is generally excellent without being too hot. There are a few more people about, but this is outweighed by the vibrant atmosphere, the festivals, outdoor concerts, open-air markets and folkloric events. At Collett's, families are welcome on our organised walks and painting strolls and we can help you do a range of exciting activities that are on the doorstep. We offer child discounts in our chalet hotels.
  • Village festivals in the Dolomites
    Ferragosto - Music and tradition in the Dolomites
    Ferragosto - Music and tradition in the Dolomites

    A delightful 'buzz' and so much to see and do

    With so much to do and numerous cultural events, August is a great time to visit the Dolomites. The weather is generally excellent but it is seldom too hot for walking and on the hotter days, you can easily include a visit to the landscaped grounds of the swimming lake in Corvara or find a walk that takes in a cooling stream or waterfall.

    There is an atmosphere about August that is as relaxing as it is vibrant. People chat on the sun terraces of local cafés and bars, drinking in the majestic scenery that looms large above the village. Walkers do the same thing at hospitable mountain huts, which are interspersed throughout the mountains and offer sensational panoramas from their sun terraces.

    Traffic gets held up by marching bands and many cultural and folkloric events take place, such as concerts (modern and traditional), vintage car rallies, village festivals, street markets, wood carving exhibitions and beer festivals. It is not uncommon for walkers in the mountains to stumble across a male-voice choir that – on a seemingly impromptu basis – has found a natural mountain arena to perform in.

    Above Corvara, paragliders colour the sky before coming to ground in a meadow, where there is archery and trampolining. Nearby, you will find the tennis courts, swimming lake, climbing wall and the ice rink, which offers an ice disco once or twice a week in the evenings. Just outside the village, there is the animal park and adventure playground for younger children and over the road from that is the High Ropes centre with three different courses ranging from high and scary to easier and not-so-scary. Above the village golfers enjoy Europe's second highest golf course with its magnificent backdrops.

    Nothing too much changes at Collett's. We know which walks to avoid and as much as possible we lay on organised walks, which are off the beaten track. Our ever-welcoming hosts will help you create a succession of memorable days out, whether you opt to walk, hire bikes, do Via Ferrata, partake in locally-supplied alpine activities or visit a place of interest, such as Cortina or Bolzano.

  • Our chalet hotels - a stress-free, easy and relaxing option for families

    A holiday you and your children will never forget

    The Swinmming lake, Corvara in the Dolomites
    Guided Via Ferrata in the Dolomites
    Adventure Walking Holidays perfect for all the family
    Adventure Holidays White Water Rafting in Italy
    Painting tuition in the Dolomites
    Family Chalet Holidays
    Family Chalet Holidays

    The mountains can be ideal for a family holiday and we feel this is especially true of the Dolomites. The atmosphere in our resorts is vibrant yet relaxing. The landscapes will absorb – excite even – your children.

    With Collett's, families can simply choose day to day how to spend their time. You are welcome on our organised walks and watercolour strolls, which are free of charge and optional. If you would prefer to walk independently, we can provide you with self- guided walks, which the children will talk about for a very long time. If you are trying to interest your children in walking, this is this is a place where they seemingly walk and walk as willingly as ever, keen to see what is around the next corner, seemingly oblivious to height gain. If you choose to use cable cars and/or chairlifts, these alone generate a positive attitude towards everything that lies ahead.

    But there is a lot more than walking on offer, whether you are an active or less active family. You can simply wander around village and soak up the colourful atmosphere; or you can stroll to one of many leisure activities that your children will love. Ice skating, high ropes, tennis, outdoor swimming, the climbing wall, archery, trampolining, an adventure animal park and other play areas (including some delightful meadows) are all within walking distance of the village centre.

    We can also help you partake in Via Ferrata, sport climbing, mountain bike rides, horse riding, tandem paragliding, whitewater rafting, canyoning and more. Some of these pursuits are also within easy walking distance of our chalets in Corvara, whilst others require you to drive. If you choose to bring a car, you can also take short drives to many places of interest, such as Cortina (Pearl of the Dolomites) and Bolzano (home of the Iceman), both superb family options featuring magnificent mountain journeys, which will even captivate the kids.

    One feature of Corvara is the closure of the main street in the late afternoon for 'passeggiata.' Everyone takes to the centre of the village just to wander and enjoy each other's company, maybe stopping on the terrace of a cafe for a drink. It is normal to see families enjoying this Italian tradition after a day out in the mountains.

    On our holidays in the Dolomites, we (Tom & Dee Collett) regularly just take our children (10, 8 and 6) on ascents up the mountains in the gondolas, chairlifts or cable cars. That alone is enough of an adventure. They seem so inspired by their surroundings and talk endlessly about this and that with a certain excitement. At the top we potter about or go for a walk. It's easy to find somewhere idyllic to have a picnic. Or we find a rifugio, some of which have well-equipped play areas laid out in high season. Often the rifugio owner's goats, sheep or cattle are grazing nearby. These days are easy and cheap. I honestly think the staggering beauty of the mountains makes a really positive impact on the children and they seem to remember aspects of these simple (and frankly cheap!) days for a very long time.

    Families & Our Chalet Hotels

    In our chalet hotels, families will benefit from the informality and conviviality that characterises this type of accommodation. Our easy-going approach does not exist at the expense of attention to detail. Our hosts will make you feel at home, whilst striving to help you plan suitable and memorable days out, whether you join our organised walks or do your own thing – or do a mix of both.

    On a social level, the 'chalet' holiday can work extremely well for families and it is normal for you to benefit from the presence of other families. Such is our hospitality, you and your children will get to know us and other guests quickly and you will soon feel relaxed and in 'easy' company, whether this company is to be found on, say, an organised walk, over a drink at Office Hour or at dinner, where guests sit down together.

    Dinner at the same table as other guests (and eating whatever happens to be on the menu for that day) is a discipline that many parents welcome for their children and this is how it works in our chalet hotels. (We will provide a high tea for younger kids, who might struggle to last the duration of a sociable three course dinner with other guests).

    Dinner is hopefully an enjoyable focal point of the day for all involved. As a rule, children meet other children and, after a day or two, they tend to gravitate to one end of the table so that they can eat together and nurture their new friendships. This often leads to families teaming up for mutually attractive days out in the mountains, as well as children making friends with like-minded contemporaries.

    For parents trying to rise to the huge challenge of finding that family holiday that completely satisfies all concerned, we believe the 'home from home' atmosphere of our chalet hotels (coupled with the well-earned self-indulgence of being well fed and well looked after) is at least half the battle won. When this is combined with the inspiration on offer day to day in the mountains, you have a holiday that can feasibly be life-changing for certain children and certain families.

  • Child Discounts in August

    In August we are offering reductions as follows
    (in our hosted chalets only);

    • One or two children sharing a room with parents – children less 70%.
    • Families with 2 children using two bedrooms – children less 20%.
    • Families with 3 children using two bedrooms – children less 35%.
    • Families with 4 children using two bedrooms – children less 50%.
    • *A child is aged 17 or less at the time of travel.
    • *Families include 2 adults paying full price.

    August in the Dolomites

    It may come as a surprise, but August has always been the quietest of our summer months in the Dolomites. Do people worry about the heat or the hustle and bustle? Or is the beach a better option? With so much to do and more folkloric and cultural events than any other month, we think August is a great time to visit the Dolomites...

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In pictures – August Family Holidays in the Dolomites

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Family walking holidays in the Dolomites
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Family fun on the guided glacier trek
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Village festivals in the Dolomites
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Walking holidays perfect for the outdoors family
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Village festivals in the Dolomites
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Horse riding in the Dolomites
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Guided glacier trek with Collett’s
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Painting Tuition in the Dolomites
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Village festivals in the Dolomites
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Families on our guided glacier trek
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High ropes garden in Corvara
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Cycling between Corvara and Badia
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White water rafting
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The Swimming lake, Corvara
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Village festivals in the Dolomites
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