Collett’s Mountain Holidays – At Your Own Risk

At Your Own Risk

All self-guided holidays are enjoyed entirely at your own risk and it is important that you understand that whilst the route notes are accurate at the time of writing, the situation on the ground may change and this itinerary relies on your sound judgement and decision making throughout. Our self-guided itineraries have been organised so that you might enjoy a route and associated accommodation you may not otherwise have discovered having organised the itinerary yourself. It represents nothing more than the opportunity to go out on a series of beautiful walks in wonderful walking areas, with the support of knowing that many of the logistics have been arranged for you. It is a fact that hill and mountain walking can and is associated with personal injury and death. By coming to such areas, you are exposing yourself and your party to the possibility of personal injury or even death. In such an event, Collett’s Limited trading as Collett’s Mountain Holidays will not be held responsible for your interest in the outdoors and your involvement in walking, which can occasionally have tragic consequences. The information provided uses only marked paths which are in use at the time of writing, however, it is your responsibility to continually assess the suitability and safety of the route throughout the walk and to undertake any action necessary to avoid any terrain which each or any member of the group is not comfortable with. The route choice also assumes an ability to read maps and navigate competently. It is the responsibility of each individual in the group to make an assessment of the information provided, and to make an informed decision about whether the itinerary is suitable for them. Finally, during your village to village holiday organised by Collett’s Mountain Holidays you act at your own risk on any ideas, information and opinions included in any material prepared by us or on our behalf to help you get the most from the area.