Veronica Squires

February 9, 2016

Hotel Panorama, Corvara
I stayed in the Hotel Panorama so obviously different experience had I stayed in the Chalet Angelo (next door). The Panorama is quite exceptional and the quality of the food, the facilities (spa plus swimming pool) were amazing. Obviously more expensive but this hotel would be fabulous wherever it was situated. I used the office hour to update and sign up for ski itineraries. The Angelo hosts were all fantastic - great ambassadors for your company. Again, the ski hosts were outstanding, managing to combine a fun day with a variety of people and stick to the chosen itinerary and planning/making lunch reservations and apres ski stop. The ski hosts made everyone very aware that they skied at their own risk and pointed out any areas that might have been 'tricky'. At no time did I ever feel I was not sure of where I was going on the pistes. Thank you to everyone on the Collett's team who made me have such a memorable and special holiday.