Thomas Lang

July 20, 2015

As I have been to the area a number of times, I had arranged my own walking itinerary. However, advice from the staff was always available and freely given. I was aware of risks. I would add that, because I was doing my own walking, staff recorded my plans each day and provided me with emergency contact numbers. I have organised groups to stay in three of your chalets in the Badia region and have now added Chalet Verena to the list, albeit this was not with a group. Whilst all of the chalets have their merit, I would say that Chalet Verena was without doubt, the most enjoyable stay that I've had. The location and access to public transport was excellent, the chalet was extremely comfortable and the staff were exceptional. If it had a downside, it would be the seven o'clock awakening with the church bells, no alarm clock needed.