Sheila Hills

July 20, 2019

A very successful holiday for me as it was very flexible how much I had to walk. I have Cerubellar Ataxia; i.e. I walk like a drunkard as my balance is afftected. Also I get tired! The idea was for me to do the flower walks and my husband to do harder ones. In the end he had developed a knee problem before we went and so he also did the flower walks. These weere led by excellent, enthusiastic and experienced botanists. As most of the flower walks went near to a road about half way through, and we often stopped for coffee and cake then, I was able to catch a bus back to Corvara at this stage. On the Full Walk called Prologea, Theresa (one of the botanists) helped my husband walk me down the steep meadow so that i did not run away with myself - I was just using my walking poles before then. All the staff were excellent and we were especially impressed by their driving skills. The food was also excellent; diferent but tasty at the Chalet Angelo but more traditional at Chalet Veranda. We hope to go again.