Sarah Gilman

July 27, 2015

A big thank you to all of the staff
As we have been with Collett's a number of times, we don't tend to use the handbook except for the driving directions, which are excellent. I like that I get to speak to a person straight away without having to select an option on the phone. I've always been impressed by any contact with the office because I'm treated as a person and not as a reference number. The packed lunches always feel a bit over-priced for what they are but the standard of the food at dinner was very good, everyone enjoyed it. Office hour was always fun and we had a very informative talk by Eddie one evening on the wild flowers, which even made my husband look where he was putting his size 9s on the next walk! We mostly go to the Dolomites for the via feratta so are self guided these days. The other people in the chalet were very complimentary about the guided walks they'd been on. We love the atmosphere created by the staff and the excellent standard of accommodation. Just a big thank you to all of the staff who, as usual, made the holiday a very enjoyable experience by making us feel that we were all one big family! The food and accommodation were first class. We'll be back 🙂