Sara Bishop

March 10, 2016

Another brilliant Collett's holiday
Individual cooked breakfasts and ground coffee served individually at dinner both very much appreciated - and not expected having stayed previously at HV. We hadn't realised in advance that there would be an opportunity to join a snow shoeing group, an option appreciated by one of our group - and which we may like to explore in future if this is going to be a regular feature of Angelo. Even though we all skied at our own risk, your staff are great at quietly "hosting" and ensuring we get the most out of our excursions and extremely efficient in a crisis! Recommendation from a friend initially: 3 holidays at Haus Valentin (as the party included walkers/show shoers) and a 4th holiday here in Angelo as we're all skiers. Particularly grateful for the attention to one member of our group who damaged her knee/tibia on her first run of the week - both at the time of the accident and throughout the week as she adapted to her predicament. The group booking included 2 single rooms. I was very disappointed when I saw that one of the two single rooms was particularly small with only a frosted window providing natural light. We had to toss for it - or at least to avoid it! I would have expected this limitation to be pointed out at the booking stage: 2 of us might have considered sharing a twin. Over-all, another brilliant Collett's holiday hosted by a great young team of whom their parents and grandparents should be justly proud!