Ruth Law

September 17, 2014

Your choice of staff is excellent.
Very good. We were 3 hours late due to our luggage not arriving from Gatwick Airport. We were greeted by Martha who immediately made us a cup of tea as we had had such a stressful day. We stayed at Pedraces about 7 years ago and loved it. This year we only had 1 week's holiday and decided to go to the Dolomites as we knew the arrangements and liked what colletts is all about. We were really impressed with some of your staff. We had 4 days without our luggage and Chris and Caroline particularly were really supportive. They lent us poles,rucksack,waterproofs, fleece etc so that we could still walk and our holiday wasn't ruined. We were also impressed with Matt and Harriet on the walks with their enthusiasm and knowledge. Very impressed with all of them. Thanks for such a fantastic set up - your choice of staff is excellent.