Mike Farmery

August 21, 2015

always prepared to go the extra mile
We had a very good conversation with Pete (?) on the phone and he advised us toward Verena. This turned out to be a very good decision given our circumstances – Angelo would have been hard work for us. Not sure that we would have made the same decision if we had just looked at the website. The transfer from the airport was in a very comfortable VW but the return was in a much more utilitarian minibus (forget the make now maybe Fiat or Renault) – not so comfortable, noisy and harder to see out of. I would not do the transfer option again if I knew it was that vehicle again. Food for dinner was generally very good except for one night when the risotto went wrong. One area that could be improved was the lack of white bread. There was a choice between a very nice fresh white load and a brown caraway seed type. The white ran out very quickly and sometimes the brown did as well. When there are teenage boys around, you cannot have too much bread (and white seems preferred). Running out of bread seems a poor show, especially when people have been walking in the mountains all day. Our first time with Colletts and office hour was a really good feature. Worked very well. On the Lagazoui tunnel walk, it would be good to highlight that there is a quite a long walk up to the entrance to the tunnels. This came as a bit of a surprise, but not a problem. I saw an advert in Big Issue and thought that any company that is socially concerned enough to advertise there must be worth investigating. Turned out to be a very good decision! Overall a really good experience. Your staff at the Chalet were all great but Cameron, Danni and Andy stand out to me as fantastically engaged and positive representatives of the company. They were always prepared to go the extra mile for us.