Mark and jane Hampson

June 18, 2015

All the Collett's staff were very welcoming and enthusiastic. Nothing seemed too much trouble. It gave us an extra lift knowing there would be a receptive and responsive person if there was time of need. All our queries were addressed with professionalism and enthusiastically. Which ever option we decided to take we were always helped in the same enthusiastic way. The Chalet smelt of smoke. Maybe because it had not been used for a while. The smell did not clear as we were out all day with the windows closed. Collett's staff did provide some air fresher. The start up welcome pack in the chalet was a very thoughtful and practical idea. Much appreciated. The variety and flexibility of the options open to one when in the resort is amazing. I can only congratulate you for developing a system and style that is so flexible and yet supportive. I had gained the impression that any Colletts transport used would be included. That is more a result of unrealistic expectation that any fault of yours. I do not think it would do any harm just to mention somewhere that non public transport costs would be shared. I felt the organisation behind the product was very sound. It was apparent there was some very good management at work. The staff on the front line did not appear rushed or pressurised thereby permitting the clients to gain as much enjoyment as possible from whatever activity they had selected.