Louise Campbell

April 14, 2015

Superb location
I wasn't clear regarding the last time I could book an Insbruck flight and still qu.aify for a Colletts supported transfer. I was aware fro the brochure it would cost £45. I was delighted to be treated as a "late arrival" with a personal pick up from the colletts rep both on rival and for departure. I really appreciated with "tailored" approach, though I was luck it was a quiet week.I noticed the caterers were able to cope with special requests, which was great service.I ink your company's approach to selecting and looking after your staff is a great model. The staff are engaged, happy and wellinformed. They look after and are interested in everyone. I thought Eddie in particular was first class. It is not easy to manage teams, and he did this very well. Without being in any way " the boss". He has a really nice way with people and was generous with his time, ananda his know- how. The quiz was a really nice touch in "bonding" us all.