Lorna Jenner

March 8, 2016

I am so impressed by the Collett's formula.
I was very impressed with the way the staff accommodated my gluten-free diet. I had some lovely meals, carefully adapted to avoid gluten. I was touched they even made me a delicious gluten-free cake! It meant I could deal with the more limited choice of gluten-free food at the restaurants on the slopes, knowing that I would be well fed at night. I would have appreciated some gluten free bread offered at breakfast to enable me to have toast but can eat oats so it wasn't a problem as I enjoyed porridge and fruit. Overall the food and menus were the best I have had and this is my fourth Colletts' trip. The cook was excellent. Our group are quite familiar with the area as some have been coming for many years so probably needed less assistance than some of the others. The staff were all very friendly and helpful though - it was a pleasure to chat with them. The small-scale of the chalets, friendly hosts, comfortable accommodation and good food, and perfect central location of Chalet Verena suits our group very well. I am keen to try some of your summer walking holidays as am so impressed by the Collett's formula.