Linda Thomas

January 7, 2014

8 Years Experience!
We were late making a booking because of circumstances outside our control so HV was full. But everything was done to help us to get to Pedraces; alternatives were suggested and eventually we were able to book Melodia and arrange to eat at HV. There was an incident on the way to Corvara from Arabba when the driver had to stop because a local resident had decided to attach chains to his car in the middle of the road. The driver reacted to that event and the ensuing traffic hold-up with quite extraordinary equanimity, even when other car drivers decided to take the risk of passing the bus on the most narrow of roads. In attempting to get going again considerable skill was required yet the driver managed all this without loss of patience. Colletts staff who arrived on the scene in Colletts vans were able to help, too. So to cut a long story short, this is just one example of the professionalism of Colletts transfer arrangements. Our outstanding experience over the past eight years of what Colletts offers, including the outstanding calibre of the staff, the variety of skiing opportunities and access to a community that have the same interests as we do. Chris, our seventeen-year old skier had a wonderful time and, as a result, so did we, in the knowledge that he was able to ski at his own level.