July 10, 2017

Truly Wonderful Staff & Operation
Emma, Hannah and everyone in Corvara are truly kind, thoughtful, and pleasant folks. My family of six stayed in Angelo, Alpi, and Panorama in various periods of the week, accommodating for the Maratona spectating. The staff are excellent. This is the among the best family vacation we've ever had involving our adult children and their significant others. Each couple got to do the hike or the cycling they wanted, alone or with other members, as there are many hiking trails, guided or privately. Having two rental cars from VCE airport for family of six adults helped hugely with the daily logistics. The Dolomites is simply the most stunning area for summer hiking because it is the only one of all such beautiful mountains (Tetons, Sierras, Inyo, Patagonia, etc) that are so accessible and cultivated. Thank you for a wonderful week.