Kate Bailey

September 22, 2019

Trip of a lifetime - 7 day Tre Cime Hut to Hut tour
Staff were super helpful and responsive to all our questions before the trip. The quality of that initial service was definitely why we chose to go with your company. Pete was fantastic! Love that you recycle and compost; appreciated the non-dairy milk at breakfast! The maps for the self-guided 7-day trek were excellent. Great route, super helpful staff, really like the option to do a self-guided trip! we did 7 day tre cime tour; consider booking one night at tre cime hut instead of down the valley, would have been cool to have a night right at the base, and the hut was a long walk down and up from the valley (really the only out and back on the hike); otherwise a really fantastic vacation, trip of a lifetime so thanks for all you do !!