Jessica Wyatt

June 25, 2014

Highly Recommended
My husband and I had a very long day which involved 14 hours of driving and Bank Holiday traffic. We arrived feeling completely frazzled and not altogether with it. Kate met us at the door with a lovely big smile and could obviously tell that we'd had a long day and she took very good care of us. A drink was in our hands within seconds of having sat down and moments later the horror of our journey was a distant memory. A big thank you to Kate for such a warm welcome. Office Hour was one of the highlights of our day. It was great talking to the Collett's team and planning the next days walks with them and it was also great talking to other guests about what they'd done that day. The Ridge Walk was always a good topic of conversation. The weather was kind to us so we got to enjoy Office Hour on the terrace which was a lovely way to relax and chat about our day before dinner. Austria was the perfect destination for us. After a long drive to get there my husband didn't want to get back in the car any time soon and luckily he didn't need to because public transport was close by and very reliable. Getting to and from each days walk was incredibly easy and absolutely no hassle at all. A friend of mine recommended the Dolomites with Collett's two years ago which we enjoyed so much we went to the Picos with Collett's last year. Deciding to go with Collett's again for this years holiday was an easy decision. We first heard about your Austria set up whilst in the Picos last year so we were fully aware that this was new and that the staff hadn't been there long themselves before we arrived but you would have thought they'd been there years by how happy, settled and knowledgeable they all were. They showed a great passion for the job and a way with people that you just don't see very often. Robert and Lesley are clearly very fond of the team which was lovely to see. Collett's staff are a special breed, if we could clone them and have more of them the world would be a better place. We've enjoyed all three of our Collett's holidays and have recommended you to friends.