Jenifer Gillman

March 24, 2019

That is what makes a Collett's holiday
Super food. My particular requirements were well catered for. The Hotel Melodia spa was so enjoyable that I usually missed most of office hour.... Ski safari - the group was too big and disparate in outlook. For two days we skiied together and there was no 'sweeper' Not particularly enjoyable either for those who wanted to bomb and those who enjoyed taking in the scenery as well as skiing. The guiding did not seem as crisp as last year and there often seemed to be confusion, lunch was very haphazard. The two guides were lovely, I'm not sure what the problem was but if this had been my first safari I'm not sure that I'd not be keen to do any more. Second week. The team at HV were absolutely lovely and I had two very enjoyable days sking with the group. It's always so enjoyable! I would just like to say a big thank you to Millie at Chalet Haus Valentin who I'm sure saved my life when I was choking and to the rest of her team, a super bunch. That is what makes a Collett's holiday - as well as the lovely guests that Collett's attracts.