Grace McDonald

September 28, 2019

One of the best holidays I've ever had!
I was very impressed with how any queries I had were answered. Also, I had to change my departure date and was shocked to be given a refund - thank you! It was a lovely touch to have someone there to say hello and get me settled in! The sandwiches made by the team for lunch were a nice touch - and delicious. It was good to be offered a choice of just the sandwich or a larger lunch. Office Hour was exceptionally well done by the team. Andy, Anna, Ben and Kate were what made the holiday special for me - very professional and they worked extremely hard to make everything work for the guests. Why Collett's?: It was so flexible regarding 1. length of stay 2. accommodation options 3. I was on my own and wanted to walk with others but didn't feel very confident about being able to keep up - the different walking options were great. Value for money?: Totally. The holiday over-delivered. One of the best holidays I've ever had - the team (Andy, Anna, Ben and Kate), the location, the hotel, the other guests and the walking options were all great.