Gerald Suggett

January 4, 2016

Collett's provide excellent holidays
The whole process from initial booking through to arrival was handled with text book efficiency. Even a change of pick up arrangements was handled with no bother by Rachael ay HV. The evening meals deserve special mention. Riener's cooking was of restaurant quality each evening and we had 2 absolutely superb meals which will linger in the memory. The quality of imagination of the menus has gone up a notch since the equivalent stay last year. [These comments should be taken within the context of the stay - ie no snow for snowshoeing]. I feel that the walks were a bit tame in the context of the route conditions and, because they were showshoeing itineraries, the organised walks only had around 3 or so hours walking. Perhaps if these conditions occur again, a stretching and an easier walk could be offered.....or perhaps an extension option built in. Collett's provide excellent holidays in a beautiful area and attract similar minded guests.