Elisabeth Al-Khalifa

March 18, 2015

Chalet Angelo - Skiing in Corvara
Good that there was some continuity in staff, and staff were able to demonstrate they recalled me – I dont mind whether they did or whether they had in fact checked back, but it is a nice way to be welcomed! I prefer dinner at 1930 not 2000. I know this is an aspect where there are differeing views. Personally I like more time to digest my dinner before sleeping… I found myself the only client going out with the ski host on the last day. Most other people had headed off to do their own thing and I preferred not to do the other route offered. so impressed that Collett's can offer these options. I had an excellent day's skiing with Michelle and it says a lot for staff that a one to one situation can work well. I am 68 and Michelle is mid-20s, but it still went well – and typical it seem sot me of the staff. So it is a credit to Collett's that you select staff who manage all kinds of situations and people, with charm and enthusiasm