Caroline Hughes

February 5, 2015

Outstanding - thank you!
Transfer was very satisfied. no delays. Comfort stop. Direct. Very good value. There's always a bit of confusion as bags and people pile into a new place and meet new people etc but the hosts were very friendly, helped with cases. going directly into a narrow corridor makes it a bit tricky. perhaps everyone could be taken into reception, introductions made and rooms given out , where there is a bit more space. But it was handled well. We liked the " home" and " local" style of cooking. It was good( esp the spinach gnocchi) and generous. Lovely cakes which were of the local area and never to sweet. Very good buffet style breakfast with lots of choice and thank you for serving porridge! Very golden eggs. A most impressive team. Their energy and enthusiasm were a joy. Always helpful. Information was given as and when appropriate in the right amount! If ever we needed further help or information, the team was always able to help. Very good local knowledge and they obviously loved the area and wanted to know about it. We liked the way they joined us at mealtimes and chatted which again allowed us to talk about skiing and the area as well as general things. Really great young people. On arrival at Badia, with lots of green visible on the hills , we were a little disappointed and thought the travel arrangements could be difficult. We need not have worried at all! The Collett shuttle services were efficient, regular and took us to the appropriate place. The hosts always helped stow the equipment. Difficult driving conditions in the snow were not a problem.The ski hosting was excellent and allowed us to get around the area with ease, not needing to spend ages poring over piste maps! The hosts know the area perfectly and as we started on each run they explained the route , waited at useful spots and were always there to support the slowest if they needed a hand up or extra confidence. They also know good rifugios to eat. Also to make decisions on the spot about meeting up with the other group or not or getting back the best way to get the lifts. Only hold up on the way to the Hidden valley. The excellent conditions prompted lots of people to want to go, so there was a long wait at the bus stop. It might be better to take people to the bus stop first to get there before the crowds. We have been looking at your beautiful brochures for several years so it was just a matter of time! I enjoy reading your brochures because you seem to describe areas that you yourself know and love. It is excellent top have ski hosting, especially when you first go to an area. In France, this is not allowed, unless you are ESF etc We also like being in a genuine village with old farm houses, churches and chalets rather than the " purpose " built ski resorts. Thank you!