Andy Donald

August 11, 2015

A big Thank You!
Great website – very informative. Maybe include a couple of sample walks showing route, height, and views? Comprehensive Handbook – great route directions. However, I would add one word to the Marco Polo exit instructions. Instead of 'head to the exit' I would put 'head to the airport exit'. We left the hired car park and turned right and ended up in the short term car park! Very pleasant and well-informed staff. Dinner was exceptionally good. Great quality, huge variety – we had 3 courses for a fortnight with nothing repeated! Breakfast was great but more or less the same every day. Staff were really friendly, informative, and encouraging. They were more than happy to detail all the walks and give views on options / alternatives. Also really interested in what guests had done / were interested in doing. they showed great flexibility in moving some walks to accommodate guests requests. What can we say – every walk was great! We had every intention of 'doing our own thing', but after a couple of guided walks we stuck with them for 2 weeks. Often challenging, always fun. Staff were fantastic on the walks! Very clear pre-walk information. Staff always outlined potentially 'difficult' sections of a walk – exposure / steepness, etc. Groups respected 'at your own risk'. Came across the website by chance, but was impressed by the quality of the website, and the friendliness and helpfulness of the couple of calls I made. I think there is a good opportunity for combining walking with photography courses. Everyone has a camera / phone with them, and want to get the best from them. I am a very keen photographer (professional for a couple of years) and was giving tips to folks to help them improve. They all expressed an interest in walking / photography combination. I think with a little bit of recce to identify some key spots you could add some extra interest to your walks. I'd be happy to discuss this in more detail with you if you wish. We'd also like to add special thanks to the whole team at Haus Valentin - Cat, Tim, Hannah, Max, Charlie, and Alison (and of course Reiner and the ladies who helped out). They went out of their way to make the whole experience very special - every one of them have an obvious pride in their job, and that is reflected in the high standards in all they do - walking, socialising, facilitating, cleaning, serving, etc etc etc. A big Thank You to all of them!