Novice Skier – Part 3

04 February 2014

Learning to ski in Italy
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After seeing a significant increase in my confidence last week, it was up to me to face my fear of steep slopes and throw myself down some more red runs this week.

Feeling excited and ready to get out one morning, a day to try new skis and a new area. In fact, I was so keen to get out that I decided to try pair of skis that seemed to tower above me, but what were also known as ‘advanced’ which were very heavy and had very little bend.

Just to make the experience even more memorable, I decided to take on a run I had never done before. The Boe run is very popular in the area mainly because it is easily accessible from Corvara and it sits as a link to Arabba and the Sellaronda (the most recognised 40km route in the Dolomites). It was a beautiful day out and so the narrow, steep start was not very forgiving due to the sheer amount of people. I could hear skiers all around me which made me nervous and the cut up snow had me bouncing around all over the place – if only I was brave enough to straight line that part down. After a couple of runs and a few nasty falls, I realised these skis were not doing me any good so I sat and had a coffee in the sunshine and made my way home.

When I visited the rental shop the next day, they had no beginner skis to offer. I considered it for a minute and accepted the offer of a pair of intermediates instead as I figured there is only one way to progress!

New Years Day was soon upon me and to seize the day I was to join guests for a day trip to the Marmolada. As I was getting ready in the morning I almost changed my mind; after only 2 weeks of skiing I was about to do a full day of red runs, to an area I had never been and with guests that were very strong skiers. Gulp.

But everyone knows I’m a stubborn mare so I went for it!

Clear skies, beautiful long wide-open runs, great company and barely a fall, I was so happy to be part of such a day. It brought back memories of the glacier trek in the summer, but this time the Marmolada had a completely different feel to it. The summit was buzzing with people and the 12km run could be seen winding its way down and around the mountain. I did stop a considerable amount on the way down (my poor little legs) but I had a blast – what a fantastic way to start the year!

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