High Level Walking Holidays in Italy

high level walking in the Dolomites with Collett’s

organised walks – six days a week, free of charge & optional from early June to end September
for self guiders – unrivalled local knowledge, numerous itinerary ideas and information, route cards

trek into Europe’s most staggering rock formations
high waymarked trails, remote mountain huts and breathtaking panoramas

It is hard to think of anywhere in Europe that offers the high level walker such easy access to an extensive network of breathtaking walks on high waymarked trails and protected paths. Our walking holidays in the Dolomites are based in the enchanting alpine villages of Corvara and Badia. Both are superb springboards for beautiful mountain walks of all grades. However, many of these are exhilarating high level itineraries that rank amongst the best in Europe. Along with 5 other walking options, Collett’s offers an organised high level walk 6 days a week (not Wednesdays or Saturdays), which is free of charge and optional.

Self guiding a high level walk
on part of the Alta Via 1
Organised high level walk
above Badia

We set out at about 9am with packed lunches in our rucksacks, returning to the village before 5pm. The high level options are superb and we can easily venture on foot into two celebrated National Parks, the Puez Odle to the west and the Fanes to the east; whilst immediately to the south we are towered over by the colossal flanks of Monte Sella (3012m), a natural plinth, monumental in size and splendour, a must for any high level alpine walking holiday in the Dolomites. Further afield there is Cristallo (3221m), Tofana (3244m), Lagazuoi & Cinque Torre (2800m) with its World War Tunnels and Open-air WWI Museum and, of course, the Marmolada (3343m), Queen of the Dolomites, with its brilliant white glacier dominating many a panorama.

Hiking on the Pelmo Circuit
On Piz Boé (2152m)
high above Corvara
High level walking on the Alta Via 1

We walk on waymarked paths, which occasionally bring us to welcoming and remote mountain huts, known as ‘rifugios,’ for which the Dolomites are renowned. Mountain huts (rifugios) are interspersed at high level. They are an attractive feature of high level walking holidays in the Dolomites. The welcome is warm and the food, service and refreshment are excellent and affordable. Opening on a seasonal basis, rifugios vary from timbered huts to stone lodges. They offer unforgettable panoramas from their sun terraces. There are good trail signs to the rifugios at regular intervals. Once there, a heartwarming feeling of camaraderie prevails amongst walkers.

Protected paths are another exhilarating feature of high level walking holidays in the Dolomites and they are likely to get the adrenalin going. Fixed cables assist walkers on ledges, while bridges precariously span spectacular gorges to keep you on the move. They are, in effect, the very simplest form of the Via Ferrata. Indeed, like the Via Ferrata, many of them are old troop paths from the First World War. The principal areas of interest are Lagazuoi and Cinque Torri, both major theatres of war between 1915 and 1918 and both on our doorstep.

On an organised walk above Corvara
Above Corvara on the Pralongià Plateau

Our high level walks cover a wealth of specific interests; even at this altitude exquisite and rare alpine flowers somehow thrive; photographers are in heaven; bird and wildlife observers will see eagles, buzzards, chamois, ibex, marmots and, especially when the packed lunches come out, alpine choughs. Also, many high level walks feature some of the most fascinating sites from the remarkable military conflict that took place high in these mountains during World War I.

At the start of the Sella Shelf Walk
Protected high level route on the Austrian
Troop Path above Passo Falzarego

The walks themselves are tried and tested gems, which you would be unlikely to find if you travelled here independently. Moreover, we are always adding new routes to our extensive repertoire, as we get immense satisfaction from the exhilaration and delight that is generated by these high level walking adventures.

High Level Walking on the Sella at Sass Pordoi above the Pordoi Pass

If you prefer self guided walking, all our high level walks are documented in our ‘Ideas & Information’ files, which are dotted about our chalets and available to you at Office Hour, where, over a sociable pre-dinner drink, you can also seek out advice and proposals from our own walkers. We have easy-to-carry Route Laminates corresponding to each of these routes and you are welcome to borrow these on a daily basis.

Other walking options that might interest our high level walkers are our Via Ferrata, Marmolada Glacier Treks and Marmolada Summit Ascents, as well as our World War I Walks, all of which feature in the menu on the left.

We also offer high level summer walking in the Austrian Alps, Picos de Europa and the Pyrenees. In Spring and Autumn you can join us in Andalucia, where we also offer high level walking.

Walking above Cinque Torre and Cortina with Collett’s

At your own risk

You join our organised walks and make use of our ideas & information at your own risk. It is important that you understand that whilst our own walkers have substantial local knowledge and are familiar with the routes which our organised walks follow, they are not qualified mountain guides.

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