Stephen Rees

September 9, 2019

Although we have completed the online holiday questionnaire, I felt it important to send a letter of thanks. We had such an enjoyable and happy holiday and our 11 year old was able to extend himself well beyond his comfort zone. It was very much the daily variety of activities which held much appeal. Your staff, and in particular, Anna and •Ben could not have done more. Hutte food acted as a good incentive! We scrambled up walks using cables, collected numerous stamps at the Alpine huttes, went up the Zugspitze (in the cabine, and Dad realised he had vertigo!), played golf at the Tiroler Zugspitz, careered down on the Biberwier toboggans, hurtled down the Alpine coaster at lmst and a warm boat trip on Heiterwanger See. However, the walk up the Hollentalklamm was the highlight. We got utterly drenched (out and back), not only from the gorge water but also the unrelenting torrential rain as the water cascaded along the floor and through the tunnels! It made the arrival at the Hollentalangerhutte all the more enjoyable. The hutte guardians could not have done more... a drying room, piping hot gulaschsuppe, Kaiser Schmarren, ski Wasser and hot chocolate! It was hard to leave. We appreciated the varied wholesome meals at the Hotel Sonnenspitze along with the relaxing atmosphere of Ehrwald itself. You have a good formula which works. Without doubt you and your colleagues have developed a good business, which has come a long way since my first holiday with Collett’s in Arabba. I recall us meeting on your very first ski chalet holiday in Arabba. Happy days! Yours sincerely Stephen Rees