Paul Sydney

April 14, 2015

Best Chalet Holiday for ages
Best Chalet Holiday for ages ( tho we are usually self caterers with a large family)... Don't think we saw the on line handbook, but UK staff dealt with everything fine on the telephone, also reserved accommodation for 24h while we sorted flights, which was very helpful. Food was outstanding. We liked the lack of uniforms, and the way that some staff were able to sit & eat with us each evening. No fire or focal sitting area to accommodate everyone, although the bar seemed to be the major gathering point! One comment about the wine, which was a bit bland & the same every night – a pity, since the Alto Adige produces some great wines. I realise price is a big factor, and introducing "premium wines" to buy is against the spirit of a shared holiday, but maybe there could be some variation. How about a wine tasting instead of the cocktail night !! Saw your advert in the Big Issue Manchester, thought you must either be excellent or dreadful !! Been to Dolomites before & wanted to stay in Corvara.