Paul Burgess

September 30, 2015

100% Value for money!
You could have provided more details on the touch points (cities and towns) for those of us driving from the UK Midlands. You must know the good routes and the bad ones given that each season you take your own vans back to the UK. Local knowledge and experience can be priceless. The team working at the Pension Angelo are just an super bunch of human beings. They throw themselves at their respective roles/jobs and nothing is too much trouble. The restaurant team performed minor miracles every evening. Please extend my thanks. See also my comments on Tripadvisor. A great team operating in unison with very little visible supervision. To be commended - FIVE STARS ALL ROUND !!! Best source of information on the web. Very good and timely comms from the Collett's management team. Transparent booking system and effective and timely comms throughout the booking cycle. 100% Value for money! I even put on weight even though we thrashed around the mountains and on VFs every day.