Nick Heath

September 19, 2016

A big thank you
All booked last minute so grateful for guidance to make it happen without any pressure! Jack was very helpful and helped us to get sorted very quickly on arrival. Would have liked tea making facilities in room, especially on the day when one of us wasn't walking. Loved the sociability of moving from office hour to eating together and with two of your team. Glad you had bird and flower books available too. We came for the Moderate Level Walking, High Level Walking, Flora & Fauna, Mountain Scenery. Very thoughtful and attentive staff. They knew a lot but the younger members of the team made it work perfectly with our young adults. Went with you many years ago when kids were younger and wanted to do it properly this time. Just a big thank you to Dan I and Cameron and their team, Jack, George and Lauren who were fantastic and really made the holiday.