Neil Holroyd

March 20, 2017

Meals as usual in chalet Angelo were absolutely brilliant. I was really glad of the meal Brendan made on Sunday lunchtime before the ambulance picked me up because I didn't get home until 3.30am. I wanted to try the winter experience with Collett's and liked the whole idea of skiing with people of similar ability. In a similar way to joining your walking days out in the Summer Apart from breaking my leg I had a really enjoyable winter trip with Collett's and would definitely be interested in returning. I would like to say the staff at chalet Angelo were absolutely fantastic, please pass on my thanks to them. Their team work was an example to others and certainly played a part in ensuring everyone had a very enjoyable week. It was more than evident they work hard and they enjoy what they are doing. More than that the whole group staying at Chalet Angelo were fantastic, it was good to ski with some of them, to talk over dinner and the experience on Thursday night was like something from a team building course. (All helping to ensure I could join the whole group at the restaurant after breaking my leg.) I would like to thank the staff for their help once I'd become injured. Particularly Mike and Charlie for running me around, getting me to the Doctors and getting me backwards and forwards from chalet Ciadin. They just made things far easier and I appreciate it greatly. The meals it goes without saying, simply excellent. It was good to see Caroline again and look forward to seeing Caroline and Charlie in the Summer. I wish all the staff all the very best in whatever they do next and who knows I may see them again on another Collett's experience. Many thanks!!