Neil Holroyd

September 7, 2016

Been many times before, I had heard about the new area whilst in Ehrwald last year (which had been an excellent trip), I'd also heard there was to be a variety of harder high level walks available and I like the whole way Collett's do things - the idea of coming along and being part of a group on a day in the mountains is what I'm looking for... I would like to take the opportunity to thank the Colletts group in Mattrei. To Lynne and Rushy, who I'd met a couple of times before many years ago in the Dolomites - and knew if they'd researched the area it was going to be spot on. Going walking with this pair anytime is a real pleasure and their experience is incredible. But also to the rest of the team Robyn (for an unbelievable high mountain day), to Emily (for a real enjoyable day in the rain) - wow what enthusiasm. And I'm really sorry I have forgotten the other ladies name, but again excellent day in the hills with her. All together a really good team of people who work together well and share the same love of the mountains. I apologise I haven't sent this in sooner. But I highly rate trips with Colletts - please pass on my thanks to the team.