Ms Miller

October 8, 2014

I cannot honestly remember, I looked at several companies. Some do what you do have both guided and self guided walks and that definitely appealed to me. I did not know if I could do the high level walking as I cannot do the precipitous bits (stood up) and a lot of the advertisements for the dolomites are to me scary, so I think I chose you because there was definitely the opportunity to talk to your team and have 'tailored' walks for my abilities. As it happens we only did one self guided the rest were part of the team. Also you had single rooms...without a supplement...can't tell you what a treat that is. Thank you for a lovely holiday and the memories of a wonderful place. That first morning when I opened the curtains I laughed out loud and had to shut them again, as we arrived in the dark I did not see the mountains. I opened them and wallowed in their splendour. I said to one of the guides "I just cannot imagine what it is like to wake up every morning living in a place like this that is so beautiful". Absolutely great value for money - without question and I have told anyone who will listen what a brilliant holiday we had and that they should try it. Single rooms, no supplement is definitely value for money. Complementary wine with dinner also a winner but then I'm a wine drinker I did hear someone ask for free orange juice as they did not drink wine and yes you provided that for him.