Michael Whitton

February 4, 2019

Spectacular Ski Safari
You undersell the level of accommodation that I experienced during last week's ski safari. 'Often surprisingly comfortable' doesn't do justice to the splendid accommodation that I was lucky enough to have - particularly regarding cuisine. Yes, there was sharing a twin bed with another client and there was one night in a bunk bed, but there were also six and seven-course meals that were a million miles away from rustic simplicity. 'Alpace milk grappa? Champagne mousse with mango sauce? I guess for a safari it's 'arrival in resorts'. I was always treated with warmth and courtesy throughout the week. In some ways I would have preferred more of a 'mountain hut' experience, but I cannot fault what we had. 'Pomedes' was the nearest to what I imagined would be on offer, and I loved it. We were blessed with a superb rep in Ben. Mature beyond his years, thoughtful, communicative and great fun to be with. I cannot praise him too highly. Previous experience with you. This was my third Collett's trip. Thanks for a great week!