Liz & Keith Lucas

March 10, 2016

We have travelled and holiday'd with you a number of times. We know what to expect and all staff are very good at maintaining the standard. The hotel was a very good choice. It would have been nice if all Collett's guests could have sat at one table. There was a family of four and two other groups (making up five) and it was shame we could not sit at one big table. We feel we must congratulate you on your recruitment process. The 'lunches' and 'walks', frequently described by the teams, may be unconventional in the corporate world, seem to pay dividends. You obviously place a lot of trust in the field based staff and they all seem to take their roles diligently, with good humour and a smile. I am sure they 'rate' us as guests - and are pleased to get away from us at the end of the day, but while on duty, full marks to them.