Helen Lacy

August 11, 2016

The Collett's team at Picos really made the holiday for us
My questions were dealt with quickly and efficiently. We arrived earlier than expected but were shown to our room. The Collett's representative found us soon afterwards. The evening meals were very good, with unlimited good wine, and served nearby. It was lovely that all guests ate together along with 2 members of the Collett's team. We enjoyed Office Hour as a way to chat together with the Collett's team and other guests. We only did one walk by ourselves and it was ok, some guests said the directions were not always clear. The Collett's team at Picos really made the holiday for us. We could have done the walking by ourselves but it would not have been nearly so enjoyable. We enjoyed walking in a group as well as eating together every night with the other guests and staff members. We felt that the Collett's staff made sure that the walks were safe for us in the weather conditions and frequently asked if everyone was ok. Everyone seemed able to walk at their own pace and felt comfortable. As experienced walkers everyone knew of the risks involved and acted responsibly. It was not an issue as I felt it might be. We wanted the flexibility of being able to choose every day whether to walk in a group and which level of walk to choose.