Anthony Schell

August 4, 2016

The whole way you organise these holidays works very well
We had to wait a fair while to get to our room when we arrived, which was a bit of a pain after quite a long transfer, but we were part of a large party and were the last to arrive and I think there had been some problems with people wanting to change rooms due to the ceiling height so there was some confusion. Not a major problem in the context of the week though. The food and wine in the evening were of a particularly high standard. I did not go on flower or painting walks, though other members of our group did. One also went on a cycle trip. I am sure you will get separate reports from some others of our group but, in case not, I know that everyone who went on these very much enjoyed them. We have been with you before, to the Picos and had an excellent holiday there too. Your formula works very well for this type of holiday. We look forward to another trip with you, probably in 2018 if the legs are still holding up. Just to say thank you. The whole way you organise these holidays works very well. There was a fair mix of walking ability in our party and there is something for everyone in terms of level of difficulty but also in terms of themed walks. As per the Picos, all of your "walking organisers" are really pleasant and friendly.