‘So, what are the runs like?’

12 January 2017

When collecting an expectant new group of guests from the airport, this is often the first question. It is of even greater importance in a winter where snow has been so far scarce. For those of us collecting the guests, the journey to resort can be an exercise in reassurance. We know the skiing is good, but it’s a hard sell for those who don’t know the lengths taken by the Alta Badia resorts to ensure an excellent ski holiday.

Piste conditions are of upmost importance in the mind of the skier. Nightmare visions of unbashed mogul runs and mounds of un-groomed slush loom in the imagination. Thankfully, Dolomiti Superski are committed to grooming every slope, every day. With 1,200km of slopes in one of the world’s largest ski areas, it is a bold commitment. The task is entrusted to 330 snow cats, their drivers working through the night to deliver perfect skiing conditions for the next day.

Snow-making and piste preparation in the Italian Dolomites

All the photos were taken during the start of the 2016/17 Winter Season

Piste Bashers are intimidating machines. Weighing in at almost 10 tons and costing around a quarter of a million euros, they make for a noisy and impressive sight, churning plumes of snow as they plough into the night. For most of us, they appear only as lonely white lights set against the silhouette of the mountains above. It is worth sparing a thought for the operators, working tirelessly to ensure the conditions we crave as skiers are in place for the next day. Corduroy pistes, guaranteed to await the early riser.

When discussing topics such as piste preparation in the Dolomites it is hard not to sound like an advertiser; but in a winter so far without widespread snow across Europe, it is truly remarkable what they are able to do here. Along with the extensive network of snow cannons and new investment in lifts each season, Dolomiti Superski are putting their money where their mouth is. The results are clear for visitors to the area to see, outstanding skiing might as well be guaranteed.

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