June Walking in the Austrian Alps

03 June 2016

Our introduction period to walking in the Zugspitz Arena has come to an end and we are awaiting our first guests… an exciting thought! Our first impressions of Ehrwald are magnificent, panoramic views of snow-peak mountains in every direction with quaint Austrian style buildings surrounded by beautiful meadows – it felt like we had stepped into a scene from The Sound of Music!

The Zugspitz Arena and surrounding area has well-tended trails and fantastic hikes which contribute to Austria’s allure. What we have found particularly nice about Ehrwald is its ability to provide accessibility to many huts and peaks through different graded tracks, allowing groups to part and reunite. One of my favourite walks so far is the Brettl Alm and Blindsee, which hosts remarkable views of Lake Blindsee and Biberwier.

The community spirit within the village is wonderful to see and remains very traditional, with their Tyrolean evening of live music and dancing every Monday (a must see), you will also quite often see a local farmer taking his cow for a walk!

It has been lovely to watch the start of the season begin to come alive and we are very much looking forward to the rest of the season and the arrival of our guests.

See Walking Holidays in the Austrian Alps for more information.

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