Cocktails & Canapés – Chalet Angelo

11 January 2016

When the day is done and the sun has disappeared below the mountain tops, guests can return to their ski chalet to rest their legs and enjoy the evening ahead. Before a delicious three course dinner, staff and guests can attend office hour to catch up and discuss the next day’s plans.

Here at Collett’s each night offers something different, whether it be a light-hearted quiz, canapes and cocktails or even sampling a glass of glüwein over office hour. Stories of the day are shared and friendships are formed.

At Chalet Angelo the week is started by introducing our guests to a few of the local drinks, such as Hugos and Aperol Spitz, and speciality foods including the local Badia cheese. Often these become the favourites for the week to come! Armed with local knowledge all can head out onto the slopes knowing how to order their new favourite beverage.

Thanks to Beth for the words and super photos!

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