July 11 2024

A big part of any holiday and experiencing a new culture is the food and the Tyrol region of Austria certainly has plenty to offer. During a week’s walking in the Zugspitze Arena you are sure to work up an appetite, fortunately, the routes pass by some fantastic mountain huts and restaurants to keep your energy levels high. Here are some of our favourite traditional Austrian dishes for you to try.

Traditional Austrian Dishes Blog Colletts 1
Traditional Austrian Dishes Blog Colletts 1

Traditional Austrian Dishes That Will Get Your Mouth Watering

1. Kaiserschmarren

Kaiserschmarren is a classic among traditional Austrian dishes. The sweet dish of thick shredded pancake is served with apple sauce or fruit compote. These large dishes definitely make for a good lunch option and are usually big enough to share between two. Available at most mountain huts and restaurants but we’d recommend the Zugsplitzblick (on the beautiful 3 Lakes walk) or the Coburger Hutter (above the Seeben See lake) for a dish with a view.rn

2. Strudel

Strudel has long been popular across Austria, with a number of flavours and styles, however we think we have found a true winner here in the Zugspitz Arena. The Apple & Raspberry Strudel at Wolfratshausen has been the favourite of many guests and is so popular we now call ahead to make sure they have enough for our hungry hikers.

3. Pretzels, Cakes & Pastries

One also cannot forget the fantastic bakeries in the region, from pretzels and pastries to the fantastic selection of cakes available. A favourite spot of ours for a post-walk slice is the Pure Hotel in Lermoos with fantastic views over the arena meadows. Definitely deserved after a long walk day. Amongst our two favourite cakes must be a classic slice of Sacher Torte, a deliciously rich chocolate cake – and arguably the most famous chocolate cake in the world. Although we wouldn’t say no to a slice of Linzer Torte either…

Considered to be the oldest cake in the world, Linzer Torte is a true classic among traditional Austrian dishes. The shortcake pastry with redcurrant jam is often served with a big dollop of whipped cream and dusted with confectioners’ sugar.

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4. Ski Wasser & Alm Dudler

Despite being high up in the mountains we get some lovely hot days out here and a cool refreshing drink can definitely help put a spring in your step. We recommend a nice glass of Ski Wasser (Ski Water), a berry concentrate with sparkling water or lemonade, or a bottle of Alm Dudler, an apple and elderflower drink if you prefer something sweet.

5. Wiener Schnitzel

On a more savoury note, the mountains are home to a range of delicious and filling meals to fuel your expeditions. Where the British have their traditional fish u0026amp; chips, the Austrians have their Wiener Schnitzel. Despite what you may think, its roots are to be found not in Vienna but in Venice. Italian chefs were frying meat in a breadcrumb wrapper as early as the sixteenth century, although you might argue that Austrian chefs have since perfected the recipe, making Wiener Schnitzel what it is today: an incomparable Austrian delicacy.

Traditional Austrian Dishes Blog Colletts 2

6. Tiroler Grӧstl

This is one of the local Walk Team’s favourite traditional Austrian dishes! It consists of a mix of potatoes, bacon and onion fried with cayenne pepper paprika and served with fresh parsley and a fried egg on top (or two if you’re lucky) and is an all-time favourite in Tryol. Traditionally, it is a delicious and satisfying way of using up yesterday’s left-overs. It makes a great shared dish mountain lunch, that is best enjoyed family style. Why not round off this hearty meal with a bit of Kaiserschmarren?

7. Linzgieseder Schnapps

And finally although not food, most tend to enjoy a good drink whilst on holiday, we are lucky enough that Ehrwald is home to the Linzgieseder Schnapps factory, producing a range of fruity, herbal and fiery spirits in the Tyrol region. They open for factory tours on Wednesdays and have a gift shop that is open every afternoon except Sundays, pick up a bottle for a perfect holiday gift or souvenir.

Want to try some of these traditional Austrian dishes?

Whatever your taste there’s plenty to sample in Austria, so treat yourself. But there’s more to Austria than delicious food! The Zugspitz arena is a treasure trove for walkers, whether you’re seeking idyllic flower meadows and quaint Tyrolean hamlets, or challenging trails on precarious rocky ridges. Discover more information about Collett’s walking holiday to Austria here.

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