Pyrenees or Dolomites? Austrian Alps or Picos de Europa?

21 September 2017

Our five summer walking holiday destinations are majestic. Year after year they host some of the best walking holidays people have ever enjoyed. Each one could justifiably claim to be the most beautiful. Each could stake a claim to the most stunning mountain walk, or the most impressive flora and fauna.

How to choose a walking holiday with Collett’s

How do you choose the right one for you? Well, at Collett’s we’re convinced that if you are seeking a memorable mountain walking holiday in Europe, you will not fail to be captivated by the sheer magnificence of all five of our glorious destinations. When this is coupled with our unique and flexible walking holiday formula, it just gets better! Nevertheless, we accept that certain criteria may make one destination more suitable for you than another. We have therefore added a ‘destination comparison’ page to our website to help you choose your walking holiday with Collett’s. For example, if you would prefer not to have a car with you on your walking holiday, it will steer you towards the Austrian Alps or Italian Dolomites – and so on. We hope you find it helpful, but if it still leaves you undecided, call us on 01799 513331 and talk with people who have first-hand experience of our destinations.

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