Via Ferrata in the Dolomites with Collett’s

Extensive support for self guided Via Ferrata

fixed cables, exposed ladders & gorge-spanning bridges
for the adrenalin seekers on our walking holidays in Italy’s majestic Dolomites

Via Ferrata is a key attraction in the Dolomites and our accommodation in Corvara and Badia sits at the heart of the greatest concentration of Via Ferrata in the world. The sheer pleasure displayed by those returning from a day on the Via Ferrata bears testimony to the pure excitement awaiting Via Ferrata holidaymakers in the Dolomites.

You might come here to spend most of your days on the Via Ferrata, whilst others will do a mix of Via Ferrata and walking. Some guests just try it once for the experience. Collett’s can help you enjoy memorable days on these high, awe-inspiring cabled routes.

The Bridge on Via Ferrata della Trincee, high above Arabba

Climbers on the Via Ferrata Lipella near Cortina and Passo Falzarego

The Bridge on Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina near Corvara

What is Via Ferrata?

Originally built to assist military movements during World War I, Via Ferrata are protected scrambling routes, comprised of precarious ladders, gorge‐spanning bridges and, primarily, fixed cables, onto which you attach yourself using a Via Ferrata kit of tails and karabiners, harness, shock absorber and helmet.
‘Via Ferrata’ translates as ‘way of iron’ and by following the cable you will make dramatic ascents to high terrain and/or summits, after which you can walk on to a nearby rifugio or descend back to the start of the Via Ferrata via a path.
Via Ferrata are generally well‐charted. They are graded according to length, exposure and difficulty, where technical climbing ability is concerned. Collett’s offers you an opportunity to be well informed and prepared. Therefater, you can simply turn up at the start of a route and off you go.

Climbing on Via Ferrata Tridentina (3B)
near Corvara

On Via Ferrata Tomaselli (5C)
near the Falzarego Pass

High above Corvara and the Alta Badia

Self Guided Via Ferrata with Collett’s

  • Self Guided Via Ferrata: an abundance of information, help and support
  • Our Via Ferrata Ideas & Information at your disposal: browse up to 20 of our favourite local routes
  • Our Dedicated Via Ferrata Hosts: each evening at Office Hour you can chat with someone who has first-hand knowledge of the routes
  • Route Laminates: one for each Via Ferrata, available for you to borrow on a daily basis
  • Safety in Numbers: we can help you team up with other guests seeking similarly graded routes
  • Kit Hire: Quick and hassle-free kit hire
  • Weather Reports: access to up-to-date, local weather reports, which are essential for planning Via Ferrata.

Year after year our guests enjoy amazing days on the Via Ferrata. The sense of adventure and the staggering scenery are as exhilarating as the exposure, the sheerness of the drops and the vast voids that suddenly present themselves. Clearly, for self guided Via Ferrata, it is essential you are vertigo‐free, sure-footed, reasonably fit and aware of alpine dangers.

The bridge on Via Ferrata Tridentina (3B)
near Corvara

On Via Ferrata delle Trincee

On Via Ferrata Cirspitze near the Gardena Pass

Safety and know-how are paramount and whilst these are your responsibility (unless you opt for a guided itinerary), we are here to help maximize your safety by providing the platform that allows you to research the routes efficiently and to set out well prepared. Having your own transport will be invaluable for self guiding. A series of short scenic drives (ranging from 10 minutes to 50 minutes) will give you access to numerous unforgettable Via Ferrata itineraries. Only a few routes can feasibly be accessed by foot, bus or cable car. (This is not the case with our guided Via Ferrata programme, for which transport is provided by the guide). Here is how we can help you have a memorable Via Ferrata holiday:

Our Ideas & Information Files – These files are available to you throughout your stay. We document up to 20 of our favourite Via Ferrata routes – tried and tested gems that have enthralled our guests over the years.

The Benefits of Via Ferrata Office Hour – Office Hour offers so much to Via Ferrata enthusiasts. Firstly, over a drink you can chat with our Via Ferrata hosts and glean information about the routes, of which they have first-hand knowledge. Secondly, you can refer to the many maps and guide books, which are dotted about, as well as our Ideas & Information Files which document many classic local routes. Thirdly, you will meet with other guests wanting to do similar routes as you and perhaps team up accordingly. Fourthly, you can borrow easy-to-carry Route Laminates to carry with you on the Via Ferrata of your choice. Finally, there is the ‘Via Ferrata of the Day’…

Quick and hassle-free kit hire – We have good and long-standing relationships with local suppliers of Via Ferrata kit rental in both Badia and Corvara. Scroll down for more information on kit.

Daily access to up-to-date weather reports – Essential for planning days on the Via Ferrata

The Bridge on Via Ferrata della Trincee, Arabba, Italian Dolomites

Climbers on the Bridge on Via Ferrata Piazetta – Grade 5C

On the summit of Via Ferrata Roda de Vael in the Val di Fassa

Guided Via Ferrata in the Dolomites

  • Small group sizes limited to four plus an English-speaking, qualified mountain guide
  • You will be roped together & moving as a group with the guide
  • Collett’s guests get favourable guiding rates which include transport and the provision of kit
  • Each Friday we offer the celebrated and airy ascent of the Dolomites’ highest peak, the Marmolada

Collett’s has close links with Alta Badia Guides in Corvara with whom we can put you in touch with should you decide you would prefer to do a certain route with a qualified mountain guide.

An exposed section of grade 5C Via Ferrata Punta Anna

On a Via Ferrata Tridentina (3B) near Corvara and the Gardena Pass

On a ladder section of the Via Ferrata Delle Scalette near the Tre Cima

On Via Ferrata delle Trincee (4B)

Scrambling on Via Ferrata Cirspitze (2B)

On Via Ferrata Cirspitze (2B)

Via Ferrata kit hire

Self guiders can hire locally at approx. €10 per day. Kit is provided and included in the price on all guided excursions. It includes a helmet, harness and a self belay set made up of tails, karabiners and a KISA (Kinetic Impact Shock Absorber).

Transport for via ferrata in the dolomites

Even though we could not be better placed for the Via Ferrata, having your own transport is more or less essential for self guiding. Most VF’s are remote, off the beaten track and not served by public transport. Considering the drive to the designated car park, the ‘walk in’ to the start and the descent after the VF itself, a VF excursion is generally a full day out. Relying on public transport is likely to compromise many a VF excursion, especially in low season. That said, between mid June and mid September there are a few routes you can do from Corvara by taking a short bus ride or using the village gondola.

Cicerone Guide
‘Via Ferrata of the Central Dolomites’

Copies of this excellent guide are dotted about at Office Hour or we can send you one at £15 (inc. P&P) from us. You can gen up on preparation and safety, whilst also using its excellent detail to plan some VF before your arrival. The book grades each route and describes the grading system. To help with your plans and orientation, we will enclose with the book some itinerary possibilities based, for example, on routes that are nearby, routes that are within an hour’s drive, routes you can access by foot or public transport (i.e. without a car) and local routes at each end of the grading spectrum.

Via Ferratas of the Italian Dolomites: North, Central and East v. 1
(Cicerone Mountain Walking)

At your own risk

Please note that you make use of our ideas & information at your own risk. It is important that you understand that whilst our staff have substantial local knowledge and are familiar with many of the routes, they are not qualified mountain guides and you act on their opinions and advice entirely at your own risk.

Climbers at the start of Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina with Corvara behind
At 3,002 metres on Via Ferrata Marino Bianchi near Cortina
Climbers on the Bridge on Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina near Corvara

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Climbers approaching the summit of Via Ferrata Brigata Tridentina near Corvara in the Italian Dolomites