Yvonne Robb

February 27, 2017

Excellent - Wonderful Holiday
Numbers in group varied - maximum was 12 which I think was ideal - any more would be too many. As I was staying at the hotel - the only comment I could make was that on last day - it would have been Better if I had been told about dropping off ski procedure and the 'boot' box with shoes to change into when ski boots were returned. Your staff DID offer to transport me back to hotel to get shoes which I declined as felt not necessary - so it was socks only for a few cold moments. Possibly for those staying in hotel - a piece of paper given out stating final day procedure would be useful. Yes - would rather have been in the chalet - will have to book earlier next time. Have been before and offer hosting - which for a person on her own is just soooo nice. As always thanks to everyone. I had a wonderful holiday and really liked the Badia set up and the flat quiet lift in the mornings - so peaceful . Of course in very COLD windy weather I might NOT be so happy. Was blessed with magnificent weather. Hopefully will see you all again NEXT year. Group size is important - don't let them get too BIG.