Tony Royle

July 3, 2016

We didn't use the laminates for self guiding, but were with one of the Colletts guides on a first-time walk (see below) where obviously things had changed since the route was written. There was ultimately no problem, but it underlines the necessity of keeping the route descriptions up to date if guests are going off on their own with them, especially given the poor quality maps available. (Oh for a Spanish "O.S.!) All 4 of the staff were brilliant. Can't be easy when they've not been there very long. We booked an early stay for various reasons, one of which was so that my wife could probably enjoy a flower walk and otherwise moderate walks (we generally do different walks anyway) and she also wishes to avoid the really hot weather. We found the time we were there rather dominated by "the flower people" and the high level walks I desired were not available because of snow, but that aspect was probably either our fault for booking too early or just happenstance. We were slightly surprised at the number of walks we went on where the Collets leader hadn't done the walk before - albeit that in most cases one of the others had - and in fairness there were absolutely no issues. Again, probably symptomatic of the earliness of our visit.