Susan Ray

March 9, 2016

Collett's are the best in every respect
Always helpful when I have rung or emailed - all most efficient and friendly. Our cook, Harriet, did a fantastic job the more so since we understood it was only her second week doing the job - to be cooking for that many people was remarkable. Although I had our on the booking form that one of us was a coeliac and needed gluten free food and one was allergic to garlic, she had not received this info but reacted swiftly to ensure that both these guests had appropriate food. Outstanding! Two of three of us are just about intermediate skiers and it would have been helpful if on a couple of occasions there was someone spare to show us around the easy runs on the plateau, not to mention an easy way on to it. Being picky! We had stayed at Chalet Verena in 2011, 2012. 2013 then thought we really ought to have a change but after two years with other operators in different places there is just no competition - Collett's are the best in every respect and we are just waiting to confirm next year's booking. We really want to come and see the Alta Badia in Summer but it can't be this year.