Sue Ray

March 20, 2018

Everyone I speak to is friendly, helpful and well informed. We had a VERY snowy trip from Corvara on our departure and we thought our driver was superb and told him so. Dinner at Grand Fanes was very good. We all very much enjoyed the salad bar each evening. A number of us couldn't manage four courses so had just a starter or just a main course after the salad. We all enjoyed the short walk to and from the chalet and very much appreciated the opportunity to choose our dinner. Breakfast at Ciasa Roch was fine although a few of us who don't like eggs, hard boiled or otherwise, do usually fill our tummies with porridge - an English/Scottish oddity! We enjoyed the fruit, nuts and seeds instead. We had a coeliac amongst us - Petra told me she was unwilling to take responsibility for providing gluten free products in case they caused a problem in some way. She was quite happy to cook his own gluten free oats. Dinner was splendid in this regard - the menu was marked up for our 'special needs'. i understand that tea and cake have been an issue. I believe the urn will be plumbed in so Petra won't have to be there at 'teatime'. Most of us felt that, spoilt as we have been previously with homemade cakes, we could easily live without cake. There is plenty of food available! The weather was SO changeable that the forecast just couldn't keep up - not Colletts' fault! Having been so used to Chalet Verena we felt a bit disorientated at the beginning of the week. The shuttles to and from Pezcosta and the lifts was great and we all adapted very easily. I think it is great value for money. I think this was our 6th visit to Corvara and with a couple of years elsewhere in the middle, we just come back because the Colletts model is just the best. It all feels friendly and personal and we hope to keep coming! We had a group of 22 and it worked brilliantly with different abilities and expectations - people having a bad day joined those of us working at boosting our skills and confidence. The best holiday with Colletts so far!