September 22, 2014

Wonderful Holiday
We thought that the information provided was fantastic, maybe you could let people know that there is washing up liquid, laundry powder etc. provided in the self catering units and to really emphasis that you need to bring towels. I know it's hard to include photos of everything but a photo of how great the self catering unit is would be good. thanks for dealing with questions in such a quick, positive way. We had no trouble at all booking our holiday from oz and we really appreciated the skype call early on. Arriving tired and hungry after a long drive our welcome to the resort by Hannah was fantastic, she got us settled in and excited about the week ahead and made sure to ask if there was anything we needed.We did one of the guided walks each day, so didn't use routes/maps etc. We loved the way the walks were explained each night, the discussions and access to reference books. The guides were more than willing to listen to suggestions, amend plans or add extra on to accommodate the groups ideas/needs. It was wonderful listening to everyone's tales from their days walk and we thoroughly enjoyed each night. We had a wonderful holiday and the week with Collett's was a highlight of our five weeks away. We will definitely book with Collett's again. We would love to thank all the wonderful guides who made our time so enjoyable with their enthusiasm, knowledge and friendliness.