Sara Bishop

March 7, 2017

We had an excellent holiday in every way!
Whilst I eat both meat and fish and I am not vegetarian, there was rather too much meat for my liking and the desserts were rather "ample" in portion size. I hate leaving food which has been served to me and I got through most of it - particularly after an energetic day on the slopes. However, the quality was excellent and I commend the chefs! The guides adapted excellently to changing weather conditions - and the unexpected widespread major power cut on our first day. They were well-informed and re-organised our itinerary in line with what lifts were available with a minimum of delay and inconvenience. Well done! A friend's recommendation several years ago, because you offer not only skiing, but also snow shoeing and winter walking which suits our original mixed party of friends. This was our 5th visit to the Dolomites with Collett's