Rosie Hutchinson

February 25, 2014

Haus Valentin Skiing
Ski guiding was the best part of the holiday for us – it was ideal having a slower group and a faster group. I had intended to try other activities but the skiing was so good there wasn't time to do so. Pick ups in the evening worked well, although on the last day a pick up from La Villa would have been ideal as well as from Badia, (not all guests might have been up to ski-ing home from La Villa) although I appreciate this was impossible due to one minibus being away on transfer duty. I had always wanted to ski in the Dolomites in a catered chalet and you are one of the few operators offering that. The ski guiding was also an attraction. You were highly recommended on the Snowheads Forum and I liked the idea that your staff were slightly more mature than many companies. The mix of people and age groups in Haus Valentin was great – our teens were able to ski with people their own age, and whilst this was partly down to luck as to who was staying, I think the way you market your holidays contributes to it. I was very impressed by the number of guests who had been on holiday with you before, often for more than one holiday. I just wish your accommodation didn't get booked up so quickly!