Peter Plummer

June 16, 2014

Badia - Hotel Melodia
The standard of the Melodia Hotel exceeded our expectations by miles and we have had the good fortune to travel on a number of different continents.The people were amazingly friendly,the rooms were well appointed and maintained and the food was just incredible.Can't over state our satisfaction. We were literally the first guest of the summer season and therefore the "team" were still finding their feet,particularly the newer members,some of whom were honest enough to admit that there local knowledge was a little shallow.However the enthusiasm of the group was quite amazing and everyone seemed determined to ensure we had a good time.In reality we had a really incredible time ! It may be unfair to single out an indivdual for special mention however Ed (the baby of the team)went to some incredible lenghts to ensure that every expectation was met.His enthusiasm,good humour and ability to improvise made him an instant hit with our group.A very personalbe young man and a strong team player.