Peter Penfold

February 14, 2018

Ski Safari
The ski safari which we went on was excellent. The Refugios were far better than expected and the food was good. The host with us on the trip was Angus, who worked exceptionally well with the instructor Alex and between them made the week a great success. The second week was at the Panorama, which was outstanding. The staff, food and accommodation were perfect. We linked into Chalet Angelo, where the staff were outstanding. Particularly Sonny. I wanted to do something different with my son. The ski safari provided this option. The stay at the hotel panorama was more expensive than other options I was offered by other providers, but I decided to keep everything linked to Collett's. In hindsight, this was a good decision. The hotel was outstanding and the link to Angelo and the ski guiding provided very positive additions to our experience. I was surprised and pleased to find a company that took customer satisfaction so seriously. The staff who we interacted with were without exception excellent. They listened, were socially capable and responded appropriately. Angus and Sonny were the two we interacted with most and they ensured that our week 1 and week 2 respectively were smooth and enjoyable. We also had interaction with others including Emma, Emily and Jo. Clearly you have a great recruitment and retention (management) process given the quality and the length of tenure of your staff, which is unusual in your industry.